1. You don't want to be a millionaire, but he will definitely be jealous of higher incomes. - Russell

  2, either vulgar, or lonely - Schopenhauer

  3, life is free, but there is no shackles. - Rousseau

  4. I found that after a person gave up the burden of impressing others, the original heart would be so practical. ——Yan Geyu

  5. What a person expresses is never what he said, but a mood that he is eager to be understood. - Su Gengsheng

  6. Freedom means responsibility, and because of this, most people are afraid of freedom. - Shaw

  7. A man finds that he is getting older because he started to be like his father. - Marquez

  8. Freedom is not what you want to do, freedom is to teach you what you don't want to do, you can do nothing. ——Kant

  9. What makes people tired is not the mountains in the distance, but the sand in the shoes. - Voltaire

  10. One day, when you look back on the road you have traveled, you will find that these years of struggle are the best life. - Freud

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