1, life and time must be there at the end, life is no time to force.

  Man proposes, God disposes. A lot of things are that manpower can't be reluctant, just like it.

  2, endure a moment of anger, so as not to worry about a hundred days.

  In the case of emotional impulses, the decisions made to hurt others are always regrettable.

  Being able to hold back your temper is a kind of cultivation, but also an ability.

  3, is not a day, do not listen to nature.

  "It’s not a move, it’s a heartbeat." There are a lot of things in this world. As long as you don’t listen to it yourself, there will be no more.

  4, intentionally plant flowers and flowers, no heart willows willows.

  Sometimes deliberate things are easy to fail. Sometimes everything goes with the flow, and no human intervention is required. It is the best way.

  5, black hair does not know how to learn early, look at it is a white-headed.

  In the prime of the year, it’s hard to come back. It’s hard to be in the morning, and when it’s time, don’t wait.

  6, people do not persuade bad, the clock does not fight or not.

  The human heart is good, but there are always all kinds of temptations that deviate from the good heart. Therefore, teachers and teachers should be advised.

  Just like the clock in the mountains, you can make a sound when you beat at any time.

  7, contentment is always enough, life is not humiliating.

  The moon is short, the water is overflowing, and when things get to the extreme, they will surely suffer from the scourge. Only by knowing the foot is the rich.

  8, the mouth said that it is better to meet, the ear is not as good as seeing.

  It’s better to say it on your own, and to listen to it as a virtual one, you must see it with your own eyes.

  Only by doing the best, know the truth.

  9, for people do not worry about things, knocking in the middle of the night is not shocked.

  There are gods in the head, life is in the world, but ask for a clear conscience.

  10, but do good things, do not ask the future.

  It is really kind to do good deeds without asking for returns. If the motive is not pure, goodness and evil are no different.

  11, when the gold into the iron, when the iron is like gold.

  The fate is unpredictable, luck can't stop people, luck can't stay.

  12, staying in the five lakes and bright moons, nowhere to go without a golden hook.

  Where there is life, there is hope. If you are in trouble, you will let go.

  As long as people are still there, everything is possible.

  13, the right and wrong, must be non-human.

  If a person is keen on talking about right and wrong, it means that he has problems.

  Everyone has the situation of everyone, and they know themselves.

  If a bystander makes a discussion, it means that he speaks casually and judges in a chaotic manner. Where such a person goes, where is the whirlpool of right and wrong, or is it better to stay away from it.

  14, good words a warm three winter, bad words hurt people in June cold.

  When others are embarrassed, a comforting word can give people great courage; if it is inappropriate, people can fall into the cold ice cave.

  The tongue is not bladeless, but it is not inferior to the sword. Don't just blame it, be able to be convenient with people, and encourage more.

  15, there is money in the trouble, quiet outside.

  I want to make a fortune to go to the city, and there are wealth in places where there are many people. If you want to live in peace, you must go to a quiet place, practice alone, and your heart will be strong and full.

  16, others see flowers, not involved in your eyes. Others are busy, not involved in your feet.

  Others see flowers without hindering your eyes; others are not affecting your walking.

  Life is alive, and each has its own practice. It is enough to manage yourself.

  17. No one asked the poor city, and Fu had a distant relative in the mountains.

  When you are poor, no one has ever questioned when you live in a busy city. When you are rich, you live in the mountains and there are distant relatives who come to the door.

  The world is cold, and the human condition will never be able to withstand the money.

  18, the entry to ask the dry glory, a look at the face will know.

  You don't have to ask for the rise and fall of honor and disgrace, you will know when you look at the master's appearance.

  Everything about human beings is engraved on the face. Good and bad can be seen in fact.

  No matter the appearance of the costumes, you can't hide them. It's just that you look at the ability to "see and see".

  19, the knife is hateful, the knife hurts people. Seeking money and hate is not much, and wealth is more harmful to the Son of Man.

  When sharpening the knife, it is not sharp, but it is too sharp and easy to hurt people's fingers; when pursuing wealth, there is not much wealth, and if there is too much wealth, it will be tired of money.

  It’s too late to do everything, and even the best things will be bad.

  20, the adopted child does not teach such as raising a donkey, raising a woman does not teach such as raising a pig.

  Raising a son without education is like raising a donkey; raising a daughter without education is like raising a pig.

  Why not raise a child, why do you want to be a parent? The child is born, but not educated. This is the failure of the parents.

  21, the water is too clear, there is no fish, people are too invisible.

  Too clear water is no fish, too smart people are not wise.

  Once people are too smart, it is difficult to accommodate people, and they are not let go of small details and mistakes, so that people are always tense and trembled, and the hearts of the people will be lost.

  22, rather than straight, can not be asked.

  As the saying goes, "The gentleman loves money, and he has a good way." Life is alive, not seeking wealth, but asking for innocence.

  Jin Yu Man Tang’s heart is uneasy, what is the significance of such “take”?

  23, near the water to know the fish, near the mountain to know the bird sound.

  Often at the water's edge, naturally familiar with the nature of the fish; the natural words in the mountains naturally know the sound of birds.

  Doing a line of love and one line, as long as you continue to plow in an industry, you can naturally make achievements.

  24, the wine does not speak the true gentleman, the wealth of the husband.

  Drinking is not a nonsense, it is a true gentleman, and it is the real man who is clearly divided in money.

  The so-called wine is not good, that is, drinking too much wine is easy to talk. Such people are easily bored.

  In the process of cooperating with others, the interests must be clearly defined, not cheap, such talents are gentlemen

  25, meet like a first-time acquaintance, no resentment to the end of the old.

  If people get along with each other as if they are meeting for the first time, then there will be no resentment when they get old.

  People are like this. Once they are familiar with it, they are easy to lose their sense of proportion. Once they lose their sense of proportion, the relationship naturally deteriorates.

  26, easy to rise and easy to retreat mountain stream, easy to reverse the small heart.

  The stream in the mountains rises for a while, and the heart of the villain is also capricious.

  27, reading must be intentional, a word worth a thousand dollars.

  When you are reading, you will concentrate on your work and you will work hard. If you write an article, you will be able to excel in words and words.

  28, Lu Yao knows horsepower, things have long been seen.

  Only when the road is far away can you know the size of the horse's strength. When you experience more things together, you will understand the heart of one person.

  Time is the best touchstone.

  29, the guest to the Lord does not care, should be afraid of being an idiot.

  If the guest comes, but does not entertain, it must be an unreasonable fool. Described as not polite.

  30. There are many brothers with tea and wine, and I have seen one person in an emergency.

  There are a lot of friends who usually eat alcohol and tea, but once something goes wrong, there is no one who comes out to help in times of crisis. This is the state of the world.