1. The feeling of loneliness is the root of all anxiety. - Fromm's Art of Love

    2. Love that is exchanged through hard work often makes people suspicious. This kind of love often makes people feel painfully: I am loved because I make each other happy, not because of my own will---in the final analysis, I am not loved, but are needed. - Fromm's Art of Love

    3. Modern people live under illusion. He thinks he understands what he wants, but in fact he wants what others want him to want. - Fromm "Escape from Freedom"

    4, one person can, and should let himself do, not feel safe, but can accept the unsafe reality - Fromm "evade freedom"

    5. Love is mainly given rather than accepted. Giving happier than acceptance is not because it is deprived, but because it expresses the existence of my life in the act of giving . It is in the behavior given that I experience my strength, my wealth, my ability. - Fromm's Art of Love

    6. People often regard this intensity of intoxication as evidence of strong love , but in fact it only shows how lonely, lonely, and boring these men and women were. - Fromm's Art of Love

    7, the most important thing is to learn to be alone, and do not read books, do not listen to the radio, do not smoke, do not drink. There is no ability to concentrate on whether or not you can stand alone, and this ability is a condition for learning to love. Just because we can't be self-reliant, we can only connect ourselves with another person. This person may be the savior of my life, but this relationship has nothing to do with love. - Fromm's Art of Love

    8. Love is not the first relationship with a particular person; it is an attitude, a personality tendency. This attitude and personality tend to determine a person's relationship with the whole world, not the same "object of love." If a person only loves one person and is indifferent to others, his love is not love, but a symbiotic attachment or a magnified egoism. - Fromm's Art of Love

    9. Respect means that the other party should grow and perform according to its own nature. Therefore, respect also includes the inability to use the other party's meaning. I hope that the loved one will grow up in his own way and for himself to perform, not to serve my purpose. If I love others, I feel that I am one with him, but he is still himself, not wanting him to be what I want, so that I can use it. Only when I am independent and stand up without a cane, can walk on my own, do not want to dominate and use others, it is possible to respect each other. Only on the basis of freedom will there be love. - Fromm's Art of Love

    10. Love has nothing to do with maturity. If you don't work hard to develop all your personalities, then every effort to love will fail; if you don't have the ability to love others, if you can't really love others with humility, courage, sincerity, and discipline, then people, in their own love. Life will never be satisfied. - Fromm's Art of Love